Administration now denies they linked film to attacks at consulate

On Tuesday, the State Department denied that it had ever concluded that the attacks at the consulate in Libya that killed four Americans was linked to an anti-Islam film, despite the Administrations statements to the contrary in the week after the attacks. Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the UN went on several Sunday talk shows, saying that the attacks were spontaneous protests that were caused by the film.

Vicky Nuland, the State Department spokeswoman, said the next day that “the comments that Amb. Rice made accurately reflect the government’s initial assessment.”  White House spokesman, Jay Carney, had been telling the press the same thing for the entire week. He said,”there was a reaction to the video, there were protests in Cairo, Egypt that spread elsewhere and that was what led to the unrest.”

The administration denied that anything other than the film contributed to the violence despite intelligence officials suspecting that the violence coincided with the anniversary of 9/11. Apparently, the President didn’t get the memo, because the administration officials repeated the video claim for more than a week.

When asked about the administration’s initial explanation that the video was what caused the violence, one official said, “That was not our conclusion.” Even with video and audio evidence to the contrary, the administration is denying they ever said the violence was caused by the video. Even though Ambassador Rice said, five days after the attack that “The administration believed the violence was not planned and that extremists “hijacked” the protest.

Now, with Congressional hearings taking place, administration officials are going to have testify under oath about what they knew in the aftermath of the attack, and why they didn’t share the information with congress or the American people. Democrats, obviously, are calling the hearings “highly partisan.” “The chairman and his staff failed to consult with democrats members prior to issuing public letters with unverified allegations, concealed witnesses and refused to make one hearing witness available to democrat staff, withheld documents and effectively excluded democrat committee members from joining a poorly-planned trip to Libya.”

Of course, the democrats wouldn’t provide any evidence of their claims. It would seem that if they wanted to get documents related to the investigation, they could. The administration is, after all run by democrats.  What are the “unverified allegations” they claim the Republicans issued? Do they not want to find the truth behind the brutal murder of Four Americans? If the administration said in the beginning that the attacks were the fault of a video, but now, with hearings on the horizon, one would think the democrats would be looking for answers too, instead of covering up for in inept administration that doesn’t have any idea of how to run foreign policy. Or did the president tell them the truth in the beginning, that the attack was related to the anniversary of 9/11,  and just keep the information from the Republican members?

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