The Media: No Bias Here

Where is the media? With all the misinformation coming out of the White House in the last two years, the media has been eerily quiet in it’s search for facts. The recent bombings and the murders of four Americans in the middle east are a prime example of where the media stands when it comes to reporting the news. Susan Rice, the U.S. representative to the UN , went on the week-end news shows with the administrations talking points and no host bothered to challenge her assertion that the attack was anything but a protest over a video that got out of hand. If the media had done its homework instead of carrying the water for Obama, somebody might have gotten to the real reason for the assault. The response from the Obama administration in the days following the attacks was met with silence from the main stream media. There was no questioning of the constantly changing story. The media would be having a field day if the administration was Republican.

Not a pen was put to paper when the admin. leaked the names of the SEALS who took part in the Bin Laden raid. No reporter was alarmed enough to report it when Hollywood film makers were given access to a top-secret CIA facility. None of this is important enough to report on in the main stream media. Are the media writing anything about the taxes that are going to go up under the Affordable Healthcare Act? Are they saying anything about the health care that will be rationed to seniors under the guise of a fine for hospitals that re-admit patients too soon after discharge?

Many members of the media have relinquished the role of  journalist to become full-time cheerleaders for Obama, all the while pretending to be reporting the news “without bias.” MSNBC has lost what little credibility(and I mean LITTLE) it had left as a news organization by editing news clips and piecing them together to make Mitt Romney appear to say things that he never said. Other networks are not any better. They distort polls by over polling democrats by as much as 30%.

They have withheld vital information from the public for the sole purpose of making the Obama admin. look tough on terror. They are complicated in the degradation of the security of this country by not honestly reporting and investigating on the lies, distortions, leaks of security secrets and many other issues that involve this White House. Take my word for it, if Romney is elected president, all that will change. There’ll be witch hunts every day, and if they can’t find anything on the Romney admin., the media will just make things up and the democrats in congress will do the media’s bidding. Remember “Just because it never happened, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t  investigate because it’s a serious charge!?”

If Romney said that under his admin., “the cost of energy would necessarily skyrocket,” as Obama did, the media would repeat the quote every five minutes for a month. Not a peep when the president said it. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the media coverage of the Obama White House. Their lack of journalistic integrity is having a profound effect on the trust that people once had in the print and visual media. Sure, the main stream media still have some avid viewers. It’s just that those viewers are generally the least informed when it comes to real issues. Don’t believe me? Ask one “Who is the Vice-President?” You’ll probably get a blank stare.